Design 2 Fly

Blackshape Prime

A revolutionary high performance two seater aircraft featuring a full carbon fiber frame. The Prime combines sportiness with versatility creating a flying experience like no other.

vne 164 knots


1100 Km


+4/-2 g

max load factors

Design craftsmanship

Innovation and excellence

Quality is our principle focus at Blackshape which encompasses every action we take, ensuring that every aircraft that leaves our premises exceeds your expectations. By following this philosophy Blackshape uses only the highest quality materials and processes in the construction of its aircraft. From carbon fibre, steel and aluminium materials, to the lamination, moulding, autoclave curing and assembly – Blackshape takes care of it all.



Sportiness and versatility

The low wing configuration and low fuselage cross-section combined with the carbon fibre structure, ensure the Blackshape Prime’s extraordinary agility. This provides a unique experience for the pilot. Our aim is to guarantee that every flight you take in a Blackshape aircraft is pure exhilaration, beyond your expectations.

164 knots


4,5 h



Power and reliability

The Blackshape Prime is available with two different engines: the Rotax 912 and the Rotax 914. The Rotax 912 represents the classic reliability combined with low energy consumption hence ideal for flying long distances. The Rotax 914 is for those pilots who are considering a boost in performance, with more power and more uniform performance at different altitudes.


Full situation awareness

Blackshape employs the Skyview by Dynon to provide pilots with innovative avionics packages that are in line with those found in airliners and business jets. Dynon Skyview provides PFD and MFD capabilities in a compact 10” display. It integrates with a transponder module and it is available with additional autopilot panels and with backseat display.


Always at your side

In creating such a performance aircraft, safety must be the top priority. For Blackshape, safety is instilled in every aspect of the design and manufacture. Safety is so important for Blackshape that all the safety features are standard on our aircraft. Safety is accomplished through incredibly reliable electrical systems, thanks to MIL Spec wiring, advanced breaker system and temperature and fuel capacity sensors. In addition, the safety features include four points certified safety belts, ballistic parachute and anti-blast fuel tanks.

Tech specs

  • Dimensions
  • Weight and loads
  • Engine and propeller
  • Performance
  • Systems
Wing area 9.51 m2
Wing span 7.94 m
Height overall 2.41 m
Length overall 7.178 m
Max Take Off Weight 560kg (600kg soon)
W/S 49.7 Kg/m2
Max baggage weight 20 Kg
Engine Rotax 912 ULS3 Rotax 914 ULS3
Propeller MTV-33-1-A with Variable Pitch MTV-33-1-A with Variable Pitch
Engine Rotax 912 ULS3 Rotax 914 ULS3
Max continuous power 100 Hp 115 Hp
Stall Speed @Flap LDG 35 knots 35 knots
Cruising Speed VC 148 knots 151 knots
Max rate of climb 1150 fpm 1450 fpm
Range @75% MCP 1100 km 1100 km
Endurance @75% MCP 4.5 h 4.5 h
Baseline Avionics
  • EFIS ( Dynon Skyview SV-D1000 )
  • Radio COM
  • Intercom ( PM1000II )
Optional Avionics
  • Autopilot, Dynon
  • ETL
Backseat Optionals
  • EFIS ( Dynon Skyview SV-D700 )
  • LDG & Flaps backseat control panel
  • Brakes & Prop control backseat
Fuel Tank 2 Anti – Blast Tanks, 100 lt
Landing Gear Tricycle retractable landing gear electrically actuated
Max Load Factors +4 / -2 g
Safety Equipment Ballistic Recovery System


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